Geico focuses a great deal of attention on cultural innovation, an essential element for stimulating creativity and developing the full potential of the individual. The result is an improvement in the corporate climate and wellbeing of the company’s employees.


Our events are moments dedicated to meeting and sharing. They’re about “feeling at home, and being with family.” Whether meetings, corporate parties, international events, or gatherings open to employees and even their family members, every occasion bolsters our sense of belonging and team spirit.

Teasing Nights

Teasing Nights are opportunities to enjoy cultural and entertainment activities, to stimulate people’s curiosity, and to broaden their horizons with moments of sharing and personal growth.

There are various appointments with well-known and respected personalities from all over our Country, including writers, journalists and entrepreneurs: each Teasing Night explores a topic of interest, tells about an experience, or conveys an emotion.

The exhibitions

The exhibitions held in Laura’s Garden of Thoughts spotlight all different expressions of art. With a sincere spirit of service to our local area, the exhibitions are organized within a dedicated exhibition space for the employees and the surrounding community, where artists can exhibit their own work and admire that of others.


The library in Laura’s Garden of Thoughts is the first company library to become part of the CSBNO, Italy’s largest public library network, which handles 1,550,000 loans per year. The company library contains over 1000 volumes, on top of the network’s whole archive, which is entirely available to Geico employees, their families, and 90,000 CSBNO users.  It is an open door to the territory that renders culture a tool of dialog between the micro and macro communities.